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This book set includes the first three books in The Anachronistic Code Series.

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Book One: Déjà Me.


It's 1985, and Josh Donegal is seventeen…AGAIN.

Josh has shifted back in time some fifty years and he doesn't know how, much less why. What’s more, he's noticing temporal anachronisms—minute changes that would only be obvious to somebody who had lived through the 80s before.

Is Josh alone? Is somebody trying to send out a coded message? He's going to have to find all the changes to figure it out.




Book Two: The Comeback Kid


It's 1985, and Josh Donegal is seventeen … again. And he’s not alone.


Somebody has made changes to the era that Josh grew up in and he’s thinking that it’s a message that can help him stop a future cataclysm before it even happens. But first, he has to decode it, not just for himself and the girl he left behind, but for the future of humanity.




Book Three: Memories from Tomorrow.


It’s 1985, and Josh Donegal is seventeen again … and he’s being watched.


Josh has decoded a message from the future, but he’s about to find out that there’s a group that doesn’t want him to follow the clues it’s pointing to.

The Anachronistic Code, Book set


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