Those who cannot remember the FUTURE are condemned to repeat it.


I'm Josh Donegal, and, as unbelievable as it sounds, I'm a time traveler.

Don't ask me how because I honestly have no idea. I went to sleep in 2035 and woke up in 1985 in the body of my teenaged self, reunited with family and friends I'd lost a long time ago in events I'd rather not get into right now.

But as comfortably familiar as it is, this 1985 isn't exactly the same as the one I lived through before. I'm finding anachronisms, subtle changes to the era that, like me, don't belong in it. A changed song lyric here, a different line of movie dialogue there, things that only a person who had already experienced the pop-culture of the 80s would notice. 

Have these changes been made in the hope that I, or somebody like me, would notice them? Could they be a kind of message from the future?

The thing is, I know a little something about the future, seeing as I used to live there an all, and it's not pretty. The world as we know it ends in 2025 in the aforementioned events that shall-not-be-named, with the few remaining survivors clustered together on Prince Edward Island in the Canadian Maritimes. We were told by our new authoritarian rulers that it was the only safe place left on Earth, and they wouldn't lie to us, right?

Naturally, now that I'm back in my own past, I've been wondering if there's a reason for it. Am I here to help stop the events of 2025 from happening again? If so, is it possible that these anachronisms are a set of instructions?

Yeah, I know. It sounds too good to be true, but what would you do if you could do it all over again?
Would you hug your loved ones a little tighter? Take back those angry words before you even said them? Keep the one that got away from getting away again? How about saving billions of lives? 

Me? I'm going to do all that and more...


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The Anachronistic Code: Déjà Me


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