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This print is the culmination of the largest watercolour project I've ever undertaken!


My Canadian coin polyptych is an arrangement of nine paintings that, when displayed correctly, show a collection of eight Canadian coins surrounding a red maple leaf, all of which sits on a shared barnwood background. What makes these coin paintings unique is that each of the images on the coins have been painted, not as an embossed design stamped in metal, but as if the object in the design is real.


The original paintings range in size from 11 by 14 inches to 20 by 20 inches and, when framed, take up a space on a wall that measures roughly seven feet wide by six feet high! Obviously, not everyone has that much wall space, so that's why I'm offering this smaller version: a single print with all nine paintings on it.


I'm making three sizes available for sale:


22 by 18.5" (Limited Edition with a run of 100)

Since the coin paintings form an irregular shape on the page when arranged correctly, the Limited Edition print is available with a custom mat that conforms to that shape exactly (see images).


12 by 10.5" and 9 by 7.5"

For both of these two smaller print sizes, I've added corner pieces to fill the negative space so that it fits into a regular rectangular mat opening in a way that is more pleasing to the eye (as shown in the images). You can buy the print in these sizes, or in mats that have been cut to fit standard 20 by 16 or 14 by 11 inch frames.


Included with the print is a detailed information sheet explaining a little bit of history about each coin and why the dates shown in the polyptych were chosen.


Why "Canada 491" as the title, you may ask. Add the coins up and you'll get your answer...

Canada 491 (paper)


Reproductions of my art are available printed either on paper or canvas. Both formats are signed by me, the artist, and are high quality, full-colour prints of a high resolution scan or photograph of the original painting. All prints are inspected to ensure that the colours match the source and created using inks that are guaranteed to resist both fading and UV light.


Paper Reproductions

These are printed on high quality paper to give them the look and feel of the original painting. In terms of the dimensions listed, please keep in mind that they are approximate. Since I custom mat and frame the prints myself, I reproduce them at specific sizes so that when they are matted to standard matting dimensions, the mat-board borders are consistent widths on all sides. It’s because of this that I highly recommend that you upgrade to the matted version (seriously, go do it now).


Now, if you've ordered a print that is not a standard sized when matted, then I highly recommend that you go back and order it in a frame. As described in the sister section Frames, I do all my own framing using reclaimed wood and am affordable.


Stretched Canvases

If you want to avoid matting and framing altogether, then I suggest that you order the canvas option. I stretch the canvases myself using reclaimed wood and, with a profile that is an inch and a half thick, the art will make a strong statement on your wall.

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