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These canvases are the culmination of the largest watercolour project I've ever undertaken!


My Canadian coin polyptych is an arrangement of nine paintings that, when displayed correctly, show a collection of eight Canadian coins surrounding a red maple leaf, all of which sits on a shared barnwood background. What makes these coin paintings unique is that each of the images on the coins have been painted, not as an embossed design stamped in metal, but as if the object in the design is real.


You can buy the stretched canvases individually in one of two sizes (full size and 60%) by going to the product page of the coin you want, or you can buy them as a set for this discounted price (The full-size set is $260 cheaper than buying them individually, and the smaller canvases are $90 cheaper).  Assembled, the nine canvases will occupy a space on your wall that is roughly 60 by 50 inches for the full-sized versions, and a space that is 38 by 32 inches for the 60% prints.




Why "Canada 491" as the title, you may ask. Add the coins up and you'll get your answer...

Canada 491 (canvas)

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