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This book set includes the first five books in The Anachronistic Code Series.

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Book One: Déjà Me.


It's 1985, and Josh Donegal is seventeen…AGAIN.

Josh has shifted back in time some fifty years and he doesn't know how, much less why. What’s more, he's noticing temporal anachronisms—minute changes that would only be obvious to somebody who had lived through the 80s before.

Is Josh alone? Is somebody trying to send out a coded message? He's going to have to find all the changes to figure it out.




Book Two: The Comeback Kid


It's 1985, and Josh Donegal is seventeen … again. And he’s not alone.


Somebody has made changes to the era that Josh grew up in and he’s thinking that it’s a message that can help him stop a future cataclysm before it even happens. But first, he has to decode it, not just for himself and the girl he left behind, but for the future of humanity.




Book Three: Memories from Tomorrow.


It’s 1985, and Josh Donegal is seventeen again … and he’s being watched.


Josh has decoded a message from the future, but he’s about to find out that there’s a group that doesn’t want him to follow the clues it’s pointing to.




Book Four: Escape from Tomorrow.


Two time periods, fifty years apart.

One, a dystopian future, and the other, a strategically altered past that holds the key to stopping a Global holocaust from happening again.


Escape from Tomorrow is the fourth book in the The Anachronistic Code, an epic eight-part time-travel mystery series told in dual narrative streams, each one set in a different era.


In one time stream, sixty-seven-year-old Josh Donegal is living under authoritarian rule on Prince Edward Island in 2035, and must decide whether to attempt a daring underwater escape to look for other survivors of the cataclysmic events that devastated the world a decade earlier.


Meanwhile, in 1985, another version of Josh continues to adjust to having inexplicably shifted in time into the body of his teenaged self, even as he finishes decoding a message that’s been hidden within the pop-culture of the day. This enigmatic message instructs Josh to gather other time travellers like himself and follow a series of clues that, taken together, might just have the potential to change a grim future that only they know is coming.


As old-Josh makes a move that sets both time streams on a collision course, young-Josh and his friends seek out the first of these mysterious clues in the shadow of a legendary oak tree...




Book Five: The Future-Past Collateral.


Time travel can be confusing, just ask Josh Donegal

His mission to free the survivors of a global catastrophe has taken him fifty years into his own past, yet his experiences in both timelines are on a collision course.

Sixty-seven-year-old Josh Donegal had spent months preparing for this. 


He thought that he’d anticipated everything that could possibly go wrong with his daring underwater escape from the autocratically-ruled Island, only to have it all go south for the unlikeliest of reasons.


What saves him might just be what stops him as well.



Seventeen-year-old Josh Donegal was not prepared for this.


Everyone fantasizes about going back and doing it all over again, but what happens when you miraculously get to do just that, and the past you go back to is, well … different? What if those differences are clues that just might help stop a terrible future from happening again?


Josh has gathered allies and they’ve followed the clues to New York City. Unfortunately, they’re discovering that, when time travel is involved, you can’t plan for everything.


Especially not when the future-past collateral is concerned.


The Anachronistic Code, Book set


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