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The epic eight-part time-travel mystery series starts here with the special introductory rate of $0.99!!


This is the first book of The Anachronistic Code Series, and is available digitally on its own, or in hardcopy in a collection with the second book.

For your digital copies, follow the appropriate link in the Download It section.

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Book One: Déjà Me.


It's 1985, and Josh Donegal is seventeen…AGAIN.

Josh has shifted back in time some fifty years and he doesn't know how, much less why. What’s more, he's noticing temporal anachronisms—minute changes that would only be obvious to somebody who had lived through the 80s before.

Is Josh alone? Is somebody trying to send out a coded message? He's going to have to find all the changes to figure it out.

The Anachronistic Code: Déjà Me


Download a digital version from one of the following sites:

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