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"TWINS. It's the kind of word that only ever happens to somebody else."


When I was laid-off from my long-time job in January of 2009, it turned out to be one of the best things to ever happen to me, even though it was immediately followed by the news that my wife was expecting twins.


This book is all about the hilarious misadventures that followed in the next four years, as I learned to balance my new life as a stay@home Dad, with my lifelong dream of pursuing a creatively driven life.


"Gingers and Wry" is frequently hilarious, occasionally poignant, and consistently honest—sometimes, brutally so. This book is a collection of quips and comments, originally posted online, threaded together by a narrative that describes four years in the author’s life as he moves from being laid off and into his new role as a stay@home Dad for twin boys. It humorously documents the challenges and rewards of raising two tenacious toddlers and an opinionated teen-aged daughter, all of them redheads.

Gingers & Wry


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